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Do you remember when web sites were so uniform you could find practically the same exact content on every single page you read?  Ten years ago, if you were to compare three completely different companies websites, their team, about and contact page would probably all look the same with the exception of swapping out a logo. Today, people don’t want to just know about a company. They want to know about the story behind the company. Such as: where it all started, who’s a part of it, what they’re doing now and what they’re planning to do in the future. Being transparent  and authentic creates a sense of  uniqueness and trust.


What are you doing now to engage your audience?

Are your blog posts or the content on your pages so long that people are losing focus just trying to get through it? People want their information quick. The average user stays on a site for only 26.1 seconds.


What’s your point?

When writing, make sure you are straight to the point and don’t steer in a direction off the topic. Keeping your content direct will keep them engaged.


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Ever heard that? It most certainly is true when you’re trying to engage an audience. Use images to make your story more compelling. They can be utilized in many ways to support your point. Use them to make your story valid, as an example, to add emotion, or to make your story more identifiable to your audience. Take the image that is included in this post for example, you can tell exactly what is going on. No words needed.


What’s your Narrative?

Don’t tell a story just to get some content on a page. Tell it like it’s the best book ever written. Get excited about who or what your company is or who you want to be. Find inspiration first, then write.

I think Michael Margolis said it best, “Story telling is about connecting to other people and helping people to see what you see.”

Help your audience see what you see.