Having a strategic framework that enables growth is key. Behind every great brand is a solid structural system that allows it to flourish.

Our strategy employs the art of persuasion originating from the Greek philosopher, Aristotle. We utilize it in helping our clients to achieve their goals and tackle obstacles. Strengthening brands by identifying how they are positioned in terms of ethos, logo and pathos is how we create success.

• Ethos (Ethics/Credibility)
• Logos (Logic/Promise)
• Pathos (Emotion/Passion)


Building a brand always starts with ethos—an appeal to ethics. It is the foundation of credibility and persuasion as a brand starts to build trust. People want to know what you do and why you do it; they’re curious about what drives you and sets you apart.

As a team, our ethos is important to us. We are driven by the power of design and technology; to make an impact and create change. We strive to help clients who are using business as a force for good. They are our guides in the way that we operate and do business. Being vigilant, swift and humble in fulfilling our purpose is what motivates us every day.


Persuasion through reason or promise is the foundation of logos; it is a brand’s claim, value and proposition. Through research, you can gain a deep understanding of your industry, clients and audience, and use that information to be relevant and compelling in credibility.

At Mellonaid, our strength in logos is our robust knowledge of combining strategy, design, interactive media and digital marketing. We position our clients to be trustworthy and at the forefront of their industries. By pushing boundaries, we give our clients the opportunity to define their brand in a way that compels their audience.


Donald Brian Calne, a Canadian neurologist once said, “The essential difference between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions.” Pathos is the appeal to emotions. For a brand, exuding passion is key because passion is an undeniable emotion that is contagious. Part of emotionally appealing to your audience is having a meaningful story and message.

Finding those triggers to tell your story more effectively is essential in building a brand on fire. This is our area of expertise. Our goal is to convert your audience into advocates who will choose your brand over others; who will recommend you and support you in invaluable ways. Our passion lies in helping you to extend your reach, solidify your positioning, and ultimately, inspire action among your audience. 

Brands on Fire

When a brand persuades with credibility, promise and passion, it becomes a brand on fire that tugs the heart strings of the people who come into contact with it.

Ready to ignite your brand?



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