Merging analytics with creativity.

We exist at the heart of the intersection between marketing and design. By utilizing data to examine human behavior and design to propel user experience, we are able to establish brand advocacy.

Peak inside our name: Mellōnaid comes from an Ancient Greek word used to describe the process of taking an initial idea to a finalized product. It conveys the concept of knowing one’s goal and exacting strategy to achieve it. At Mellonaid, that’s what we do.

We research and implement bold strategies so that brands can take control of their path and own their future. Being fearless with our approach and exploring without limits is part of our process in creating value within a brand. Transforming a brand’s visibility to be brilliant takes a combination of data-driven analytics and design excellence. It encompasses the full scale of touch points, including: strategy, design, interactive media and digital marketing. These areas are where our passion lies as an analytical and creative agency.