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In a previous post, I discussed how important it was to write a compelling story about your company to keep the audience engaged. Now, I’d like to touch a bit on how to write your blog post so you KEEP them coming back.

It seems like every business, mom or student has something to blog about.  While most of them may do it just to vent their opinion to the world, the rest are doing it to bring attention to their brand. So what are they doing different to bring traffic to their blog? They’re going back to basics by keeping who, what, when, where and why in mind. Here are nine suggestions to go along with those simple rules we learned back in elementary school.

  • Who’s your audience? Always keep them in mind when writing. You don’t want to write about the latest design trend if your audience is senior level developers.
  • Keep it simple. Just like I mentioned in my previous post (Engage the Audience – Make it Personal) about the content on your web pages, keeping your blog posts between 400 – 700 words is ideal.
  • Create a series if needed. If you find that your blog is too long, break it up into parts.
  • What’s the main takeaway? Will you help them? Why should they care about what your writing? What do you want your audience to gain from reading your blog?
  • SEO is important. If you’re not one of those people that are blogging to vent your opinion, this is very important! Think about your audience again and how they will search for the information you’re writing about. Use keywords throughout and make your title count! The first three words are the most important.
  • Make your blog credible. Include facts and images.
  • If you do use images, name them strategically. They should be named to match your keywords mentioned in #5.
  • Find ways to bring the attention to you. Share your blog on social media outlets such as LinkedIn,
  • Facebook and Twitter.
  • Encourage interaction. In your conclusion, get people to respond by asking a question or getting their opinion.